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Saturn transit in Scorpio Vrischika Rashi 2015, 2016, 2017 for Gemini Mithuna Rashi Sani Peyarchi Palangal Palan


Saturn is going to transit in your sixth house in Scorpio Sign Vrischika Rashi in year 2015, 2016, 2017. As per Moorthy Nirnaya method, this change of transit is happening in Swarna (gold) Moorthy which gives 1/4 good results but as your transit in in 6th house, it will give very auspicious results.

We are going to give predictions not only for general transit of Saturn in your sixth house but we will also give predictions with respect to your natal horoscope for the first time in the history of Astrology. So, read the full post to appreciate deeper results

Sixth house in natural zodiac is most malefic house as it rules over debt - disease - enemy. This house also rules over accidents, mental afflictions, litigation, maternal relatives, misfortune, defame due to reduction in financial status. Sixth house also rules over flattery, false concern for others, cunning attitude, evil deeds performed purely for self gains, wealth of others, fall of fortune etc.   

Saturn transit in general is very auspicious in 6th house. The above mentioned negative results will be destroyed hence you will experience good results. Health will improve. Enemies will be defeated. Here we are taking transit of Saturn from Moon sign Taurus as well if you are born in Taurus ascendant or Vrishabha lagna.
Saturn transit in 6th house promotes gain of wealth and support from family and relatives. If you were waiting for some issues to be resolved in your favor related to property, ancestral property etc, it will turn favorable in this period. Your opponents will be defeated and you will get betterment in your career. Your status will improve. You will have money in abundance to ensure happy living. You can also look to purchase new articles like new Car etc and you will easily get loan for the same. Previous loans will be cleared. 

But all the above mentioned results of Saturn are general and its intensity will decrease or increase as per placement of Saturn in your own horoscope. Let us understand how this Saturn will modify results with respect to your own horoscope. We are giving this personal transit result for the first time in history of Astrology. Other Astrologers reading this post should not copy as it is copyright material.

If Saturn is placed in your lagna or along with Moon in Mithuna rashi in your natal horoscope, this transit of Saturn will give excellent results and above mentioned results will be further modified to give more positive results. Very good period indicating great success and wealth.

If your natal Saturn is placed in second house from Lagna or Moon, this transit of Saturn will improve your wealth and happiness on account of family. If you are looking for success in important objectives, education, higher education, special training; it will be achieved. You will win important contracts. Banks will rather call you to accept fresh loans but you will focus on clearing previous loans. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in third house, this transit of Saturn will give good results as mentioned above. You can expect change of place and many travels which will benefit you. Property related matters will give positive results. One of your sibling or colleague will turn inimical and thereby suffer failure but you may not be affected.

If your natal Saturn is placed in fourth house, this transit of Saturn will give excellent results. You will bravely face your opponents and be ready to defeat them opting any means. You are going to work very hard in this transit and bring much success for yourself. If you wish to sell some ancestral property or resolve any issue related to it; this is right time.

If your natal Saturn is placed in fifth house, this transit of Saturn will give good results with minor concern related to outflow of wealth. 
If your natal Saturn is placed in 6th house, you can expect very good results as all your enemies will run away from the scene. You will emerge as sole winner gaining name, fame and status. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 7th house, you can expect good results but there will be concern due to some loss or you may end up spending excess wealth to ensure your success. Domestic life will be good.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 8th house, this is the best transit of your life henceforth use it to maximum. There will be windfall of wealth and sudden gains. You can expect some legacy also. One of your old rival will die in some accident making you devoid of strong enemies. This is good transit to gain sudden wealth and emerge winner.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 9th house, you and your Father will emerge victorious in difficult situations. You will enter into fresh competition and emerge as clear winner. You will win important contracts and gain thereby. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 10th house, there is possibility of promotion in job with desired relocation. People in government will also gain become winner. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in eleventh house, this transit of Saturn will give moderate results. As your Saturn is weak in horoscope hence this transit will give you feeling of happiness despite gains may be moderate. There will loss of happiness on account of one of the elder or senior. Your relationship with seniors will improve. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 12th house, this is ordinary transit for your horoscope but we do not predict bad results.

Above predictions are purely related to your own horoscope with respect to position of Saturn in your own horoscope. Check them from Moon as well lagna. 

Now let us see modifications based on placement of planet in your 7th house. 

If you have Sun placed in 6th in your natal chart, this transit will completely destroy your enemies. You will gain through government.
If Mars is placed in 6th house in your natal horoscope, this transit will destroy your enemies. You may become some what cruel and may even attempt to harm your enemies. It is possible that you may physically hurt someone in this period and it is advisable to control your aggression. Though we do not see problems for yourself still it is advised not to develop fresh enmity.

If Mercury is placed in 6th house in your natal horoscope, you will get support from others to handle your enemies tactfully. You will get good results on wealth aspect but minor health problems may trouble. Property dispute may be resolved.
If Jupiter is placed in your 6th house in natal horoscope, it indicates betterment in job and career and elevation of status. You will continue to do well in your job. There will be some overseas assignments. 
If Venus is placed in 6th house in your natal horoscope, you will be promoted very early in this transit with great increase in income. You will also gain through foreign sources. One of your friend with come up with new business ideas and you will gain through the same.

If Rahu is placed in your 6th house in natal horoscope, your mind will start working like electric live wire. All your secret plans will give you success beyond your imagination and there will huge profits. You may even deceive your enemies and gain through them. You will also be benefited through your spouse and in laws.

If Ketu is placed in your 6th house in natal horoscope, this transit will start with malefic results. But as the time progress, these difficulties will disappear. You will get good results but after struggle and much hard work. Your enemies may threaten you for litigation but eventually they themselves will suffer.
This time when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions, ask for  past predictions of current life also along with future predictions to test your Astrologer. 

S Kuber RA
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